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1. In Coming Magic Square MS-G01 Peach Girl Arcee
    In Coming FansToys FT-10LX-SOFT Phoenix Jetfire Clear Version
    In Coming 4th Party Masterpiece Movie Series MPM-10 Starscream


1. Final Price Revealed:$62.99 4th Party Oversized AAT SFT-01 Firage Dino Mirage
2. In Coming Newage H21W Karate Kid Soundwave White Version w/ 3 Cassettes


1. In Coming Jinbao DF-06 Air Craft: Battlers Starscream, Skywarp & Thundercracker Set of 3
    In Coming Newage H21G Soundwave Golden Lagoon Version w/ 4 Cassettes

1. Final Price Revealed:$249.99 Mastermind Creations R-44 Tortor Tesarus
     Final Price Revealed:$59.99 Generation Toy GT-11 Redbull Sideswipe

2.In Stock Mastermind Creations R-44 Tortor Tesarus
    In Stock Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-50 Tigatron
    In Stock X-Transbots MX-8T Aegis Trailbreaker G1 Color Version
    In Stock Zeta Toys EX-05B Arc Arcee Cartoon Color Version
    In Stock Rodams 1/72 RAS-30 RX-78GP03S Gundam Clear Version Model Kit

    In Stock Magic Square MS-B18X+ Light of Justice Optimus Prime Metallic 2.0 Version
    In Stock Newage H21B Soundblaster w/ 3 Cassettes
    In Stock JoyToy Source The Wandering Earth United Earth Government China Rescue Team Set of 3
    In Stock Lepin/66 Block Model No.663 Bumblebee
    In Stock Future Model Weapon Girl-02 Death Scythe & Hira Set of 2

    In Coming Metal Kingdom MG 1/100 GAT-X105 Strike Gundam
    In Coming FantasCraft 1/12 MK50 IronMan
    In Coming JoyToy Source 1/18 WWII German Wehrmacht Mountain Division Unit Set of 5
    In Coming JoyToy Source 1/18 WWII German Wehrmacht Unit Set of 5