1. What should I do if I want to change address?
If you need to modify your address after placing an order (whether it's a pre-order or in-stock order), please contact us immediately! You can reach us directly through our website or email us at ([email protected]).

For in-stock products, we default to shipping at the fastest speed possible. Therefore, it's best to ensure that the address you provide during the ordering process is accurate. However, if you have an urgent situation that requires changing the address, please contact us as soon as possible. Once the tracking number is updated, we basically have no way to help you change the address.

For pre-order products, since the duration of the pre-order period is uncertain, please remember to contact us if you move or any other situations where the delivery address needs to be changed. We can only guarantee the use of the address provided in your order, but we are not obligated to monitor any changes in your address. Once the product is released, we will email you notification. If your address has changed at that time, please contact us promptly.

Policy Changed recently during the pandemic and something you may want to know:
2. If you want us to hold the item instead of shipping it then you can pay what you need and contact us after the payment. We can hold the item for you and send you the extra shipping cost via store points if you already paid them.

3. Canada Shipping Updates:
We are sorry to announce that due to multiple reports about missing and damaged packages, the free shipping method (SAL and E-packet) has been temporarily suspended. 

Starting from March this year, we found that the free shipping method to Canada has become more and more unstable, like 45+ days without any updating, soaked packages, and an unusually high rate of return. Needless to say, it gives our buyers a negative shopping experience which is the last thing we want to see.

Thus, we decide to stop using the free shipping method to Canada until the shipping situation gets better. Meanwhile, we offer a way better shipping method. The shipping cost is around 6-8 CAD on average, for small packages. And for large packages, it might get as high as 25 CAD. Yes, it is not free, but worth every cent. We have been tested through the last three months and concluded that the new shipping method is stable and also relatively fast (10 days delivery on average, not a single package is lost so far). The shipping cost is around 6-8 CAD on average, for small packages. 

4. The tracking stops updating:
The status “The airline departs” means your order has been sent out and probably arrived in your country. But there is a backlog of cargo in the US and Canada, and the post office is usually slow, the tracking may stop updating for 15 to 40 days. 
Don't worry, it's still in transit. Please wait patiently. 

4. For pre-order items there is no extra shipping charge for now. If it gets in stock, and we are still at a high shipping rate then we will ask for a regular balance then email you about how much you need to pay if you want us to ship it now. Otherwise, we will just hold it until the pandemic is over.

5. Express shipping available for all items over 2kg. It takes about 10-15 days to arrive but is very expensive. Price is listed in each item.

6. We stopped shipping to the following countries due to no airline and will recover after the epidemic:
 Serbia, Costa Rica. You can still order, but we can only ship things after the pandemic.

7. If you added an extra shipping fee previously and found we are using the special shipping method for your shipment you can contact us to get points.
Let us know how much you paid with order no.


0. What should I do if there's no update in my tracking?

It happens sometimes if one tracking doesn't update for 45 days. (During certain periods of the year especially the economic shipping method, it may up to 60-90 days)

If you see it's not updating over 60 days then contact us via our After-Sale Service, we will check the tracking and send you 1.2x original price you paid for the item via ShowZStore Points(store credit).
You can use the points to buy things you want. If it shows up later, we will contact you and take the points back. We have a really low lost rate(close to 1/1000)
Shipping on other days is all good just very bad during the pandemic.

1. Where you ship the package from
We ship from China to worldwide.

2. How to track my items?
You can always check the tracking # of your orders in “My Orders”-“View Order Details”. 

We will upload the tracking right after we got it from the shipping company, it will take about 3 days normally. 
Please try to check the tracking number via other websites we provide if you can find any info on 17track.

3. What’s the difference between different shipping methods?
In most cases, we will use fast and stable commercial shipping methods to ship packages

*For packages under 2kg we will use"Economic Shipping” or “Standard Shipping". 
The difference between these two shipping methods is delivery time. Both of them are stable, but "Standard Shipping" is relatively faster than the other one. On average, "Economic Shipping" will take around 12-25 days to deliver, and "Standard Shipping" will take around 8-12 days in most cases.

*For packages over 2kg we will use "Economic Large Package Shipping", As the name suggested, this shipping method is relatively cheap. The delivery time may vary depends on the country. You can also select “Express Shipping” to upgrade the shipping method. It will cost more, but worth every penny and we highly recommend you to use this shipping method.

4. Why I didn’t get a shipping notification?
We send emails to your registered address for each order we ship. Please make sure the email address is correct before purchase.
Check trash if you didn’t get an email after you register.
You can also add these email addresses to your contact so all the mails from us won’t go into the trash: 
[email protected]
-General customer service

[email protected]
-All tracking and order info

[email protected]
-Shipping issues

5. Will you ship all my items together or would be multiply packages?
If you bought some items in one order, we won’t ship them together normally. We ship them separately to reduce the customs tax and the risk of breakage during the shipping.

6. Why are there several tracking numbers in the order detail?
In most cases, it means the tracking # We uploaded previously and has been updated into a different one.
In other cases, there might be multiple items in the same order, and we have multiple tracking #s for each item. However, due to technical limitations, we can not specifically mark each item with the correct tracking#. If you have problems with the tracking please contact us

7.What should I do if the tracking shows the package has been returned or something weird.
Contact us if you find your package has been returned or any weird thing happens. We will deal with it soon.
You can also contact your local post office once it’s in your country for more info.

8. How do you guys deal with custom tax?
For United States buyers, the Good news, there will be no tax at all. Sweet
For EU countries buyers, the tax of the package under 2KG is already included in the shipping cost.
For other countries (Canada, Peru, UK etc.) We always mark the value around 15-50USD for each package to lower the chance for you to get taxed for importing goods.

If your tracking number starts with CY, please read the instructions below carefully:
Customs authorities may randomly inspect parcels and may charge additional taxes or fees in accordance with their regulations. We kindly request that our customers be aware of this potential additional cost when placing orders for larger items.

Contact us first if the shipping company asked you to pay tax, we may help you out there.