1. What are ShowZ Points?
ShowZ Points is a kind of store credit.

2. How to earn ShowZ Points?
All ShowZ customers are eligible to earn ShowZ points on qualifying purchases, and premium members could earn 3 times points. You can also earn points by comments etc. 
You can then use ShowZ Points toward any valid item you purchase on.

3. What’s the value of ShowZ Points?
1 ShowZ Point equals 0.01USD.

4. How to use ShowZ Points?
It’s easy to use ShowZ Points. When you pay, you will see the points option at the bottom of the payment interface. You can also see the total points you have and the maximum points you can use for the current order. 
By the way, you can’t only use points to pay for any figures in stock or in pre-order. You need to pay at least 1USD for each payment.