1. Product Source:

  - Shared products must be purchased from Show.Z & Gundamit. 

2. Limitations:

   - 1 submission per person per day, with a monthly limit of 5 submissions.

3. Contents Sharing requirements:

   -  Share on personal profile(posts from groups are invalid)  

   -  Sharing text and image must include at least 4 images; Sharing videos must be at least 30 seconds long.

   - Only posts released within three months are valid.

   - Product link should be placed in the post body.

   - Tagging official accounts below on each platform 

Instagram: showzstore / therealgundamit

Twitter: ShowZ.Store / GundamitStore

Facebook: Show.Z Store / GunDamit

Youtube: ShowZStore

4. Submission method: Upload links and screenshots of posts shared on various platforms. (correct link format is required)

5. Points Distribution:

   - 200 points for text and image sharing

   - 400 points for video sharing

6. Point Distribution Process:

   - Points will be distributed via the website upon successful review.

   - Review process takes 1 week.

   - If a post is rejected, you need to repost and resubmit a new one.

   - Status and result will be shown at Points Details-Points acquisition details

Disputes will be resolved by Show.Z & Gundamit; 
For any inquiries, contact [email protected]

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