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Jiangxing JX-MB-01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron

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Theme: Transformers Product Type: TF: Beast Wars Company: JX / Jiangxing Character: Megatron Size/Scale: MP Scale Availability In Stock
Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast MP36

Material: Plastic ABS, Die-cast
Heights: 30 cm/ 11.8"

Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
Picutres Review Update.
c/o 鸟弥爱吃咸鱼 on weibo.


Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
Picutres Review Update.
c/o 模魂志

▲ Sealing & Packaging:

The box is in the form of polarized printing, and you can already feel the hot when you touch the box! 


▲ robot form:

The proportion of the figure in the robot form is quite excellent.The metallic red paint is quite smooth and really very impressive! 

▲ The red color is divided into two types: original red and orange red, which makes the whole layer more detailed. The purple gradient coating on the chest is really cool! There are also some small scales on the body.


▲ The tail turned into a scorpion in robot mode. 


▲ The three paws at the end of the scorpion can move independently.


▲ The head carving is quite outstanding, the expression is also very charming.


▲ There are also 4 different replacement faces, which show the various forms of the red dragon. My personal favorite face is on the lower right.


▲ The hat can be lifted up to reveal the original helmet, and the hat needs to be removed when replacing the expression. In addition, such a structure does not affect the movable range of the head, and reduces the influence of the whip on the mobility of the head.

▲ The hair characterization on the arm and the scales on the forearm are quite sharp.


▲ The faucet arm has two forms, one is the form as shown below, and the other will be described later. Each section of the dragon's neck has different details.

▲ The left and right details and shape of the legs are different. The whole sole is made of alloy, and stands stable.

▲ The wings are made up of 5 wings of different sizes, each with the same gradient coating.


▲ Movable range:

Although the shape of the left and right hands is different, the movable field is still the same, and it can be hold over-the-top.


▲ The right elbow can bend 180 degrees, while the left hand can only bend 90 degrees.

▲ After the faucet is connected to the special effect, there is no sagging in the forward direction. However, considering the wear resistance of the ball joints, after playing many times, there might be sagging in the forward direction.

▲ There is a switch for the LED light on the back side of the faucet. Move to the left and right sides, respectively, the red and yellow lights will be lit, and the middle will be closed.


▲ The effect in the dark, the flame effect is very realistic under the blessing of the light.

▲ There are two kinds of special effects, one is the flame effect, and the other is the special effect of the energy gun.

▲ The interior of the dragon's mouth is also detailed and painted.

▲ When replacing the left hand from the faucet shape to the palm shape, you need to disassemble the last section of the dragon's neck, install the spherical joint to the arm first, and then install it back to the dragon's neck. Otherwise, the spherical joint is difficult to install because it is not force.


▲ Scratch paint at this location is very inevitable.


▲ The second form of the left hand arm.

▲ The left-handed finger is obviously much thicker than the right-handed finger. Both palms are fully actionable, and the palm has a raised pile, but there is no weapon for him to hold.

▲ The skirt is fully movable and has no effect on the movement of the legs.


▲ The angle of the foot and leg is very wide, and the grounding is also very good.


▲ It can also be done easily on one knee.

▲ The knees can bend more than 90 degrees, and the waist has a joint that bends forward. It is actually used for deformation, but it can also be used as a supplement when posing.

▲ The state in which the wings are bent and unfolded is completely a huge.


▲ The roots of the wings can adjust the angle in multiple directions. Even so, when playing, the wings still bring great obstacles.



▲ The appearance of the dragon is quite complete, and it is higher than the robot form.


▲ When the arm is in the robot form, one is stored in the body, and the other is stored in the backpack. The claws of the dragon claw are made of all alloys.

▲ The paws can adjust the direction at multiple angles.

▲ Bend can reach a larger range.

▲ The tank form is the longest form, from head to tail, with a total length of 72cm.

▲ The wheels behind the calves should be folded out and the picture below is not turned out.

Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
Picutres Update.
c/o 小蜜蜂小王子 on weibo.

Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
Picutres Update.
c/o DaimChoc Reports - ダイムチョック・リポーツ.

Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
Picutres Update.
c/o DaimChoc Reports - ダイムチョック・リポーツ.

Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
Picutres Update.
c/o 刘哥模玩.

Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
Picutres Update.
c/o DaimChoc Reports - ダイムチョック・リポーツ.

Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
Picutres Update.
c/o DaimChoc Reports - ダイムチョック・リポーツ.

Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
Picutres Update.
c/o DaimChoc Reports - ダイムチョック・リポーツ.

Jiangxing JX JX-MB-01 JX-MB01 Winged Dragon Beast Megatron
Picutres Update.
c/o DaimChoc Reports - ダイムチョック・リポーツ.

Picutres Update.
c/o DaimChoc Reports - ダイムチョック・リポーツ.

Estimated Releasing Date: Late October, 2018

Picutres Update.


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